If Aunt Becky didn’t get special treatment, no one is safe.

I am but a humble dev, making my way through this crazy world

I wanted to share with you a quick story that I heard over the break and really made me re-examine a lot of things.

It’s a fable of sorts, if you will:

you know what, I actually have a little excerpt about the Hemingway Daquiri in my Bartender’s Manual book
Hemingway contained multitudes
Some of you may not know this

As the only survivor, he had to fight for his life on a remote island, foraging for food and learning to make fire from two sticks.

Every night, though the exhaustion of the day’s activities pressed upon his mind like the oppressive weight of a hundred well-fed hippos, he would struggle to sleep, for through the cacophonous sounds of the island’s wildlife, he would hear the same distant, menacing sound.

“Dooop de doo, doop do dee doop doo”

Day after day the noise consumed him, driving him to the brink of insanity. They’ve been chugging along like particulary-talented choo choo trains for the entire week, and I’d imagine the ol’ fuel tanks are getting a bit low. So if you have a few seconds to spare, or a couple tacos left to give, I’m sure they would all appreciate a hearty “Yaaaaaaass keep on rockin!” from you all. They’re basically real-life superheros!

What was its source?

Modern Tribe! One of the greatest developers I’d ever meet. I’m thankful to have met you on that island all those years ago!

I genuinely missed my Tribe family. There’s no “cure” for depression, but there are always things I can do to help deal with it, and my late-night epiphany had a marked effect on my state of mind.

Work is work, and there’ll always be things I don’t love about it, but I found myself genuinely excited to hop on Monday morning and chat with all of you wonderful people again.
I’m all out of tacos. You rock, my friend, and I’m very grateful to have you on our team!

This might be a silly question

It is with a heavy heart that I have to let you all know that my floral shirt, which you all have expressed such deep admiration, respect, and even envy of, ended it’s time on this earth prematurely at the business-end of an errant trim nail in the AirBNB. The cruel hands of fate tore his poor stitches all the way up the side, and I’m afraid he’s beyond repair. I want you all to remember him from all the good times, and know that he died like he lived: desperately trying to make me seem more hip than I could ever actually be.

I recently found out that apparently my birth animal sign thingie is a ram, but I thought it was a goat. TBH, neither one is very awe-inspiring, but it makes me feel better knowing that such wonderful humans also share the same lame-spirit-animal burden. I hope your days are wonderful!

This part is 100% just my own, non-scientist opinion, but I do feel that with these lamps, you kind of have to believe it’s gonna work in order for it to have much of an effect. There’s decent literature out there supporting it’s actual, measurable impacts, but I think if someone approaches it presuming it’s not going to work, it probably won’t. Your mileage may vary, of course.

It has definitely aged me – before I started using it people often mistook me for a teenager. Now they mistake me for a slightly-older teenager!

The doctor nodded sagely. “I’ve seen this before in other patients.” He said. “Hollandaise is actually quite acidic, and the steel dental plate is incredibly susceptible to degradation from it. I’m not surprised you’ve experienced that if you’ve been eating it as much as you have.”

true story: wore my uggs to the gym today (changed into my actual running shoes there), and listened to a few TSwift workout remixes whilst I exercised

I know I’m comparatively young, but does anyone else feel like after they hit 30-ish they just sorta started….breaking in weird and unexpected ways? Like, when I was younger I went through the common phase of sorta hating my body (I wish I was stronger! I wish I was taller! I wish I was a baller!), but now that I’ve matured and learned to love my body, now my body has learned to hate me in return

I’m proud to present a personal project I’ve been working on:SassAAS: (Sass As A Service) This is a little API I worked up to provide Sassy remarks As A Service.It’s definitely a serious thing, and not a joke I thought was funny and then put way too much time into.

Anyways, happy Wednesday!

I also occasionally make a handful of snowballs, bring them inside, and laugh maniacally as I melt them one-by-one with a blowdryer.

I’m never washing this Slack ever again

“Surely I remembered to unlock the door handle.” I thought to myself, being an adult human who is able to handle basic mundane tasks. “No, you did not!” Thought the door, being a huge jerk who really wanted to screw up my day.

Tl;dr, today I became much closer to our fence contractors and might just never leave the house ever again.

also the fact that my school taught me dinosaurs were made up by the government to keep me from leaving the US

If there was a blog called Talk Nerdy To Me that covered dev/web-industry-related stuff, would anybody read it? Asking for a friend also named Aaron

that’s a very common mistake – the plural of “birthday” is actually “octopii”