I’m  Hazel Q. 

Marketing Whiz, Copywriter, Community Builder.



I do a lot of things. I’m a community-builder with a passion for sharing, local, and efficiency. Between startups, my own businesses, and non-profits, I’m no stranger to managing multiple projects thoroughly and quickly. What Modern Tribe has built is super exciting, and I think I’d be a perfect addition to the team in a Content Marketing role.



Blog Posts

Galore Blog: So Your Kid is a Legomaniac

Blog post promoting STEM classes and activities for kids.

DLBA Blog: Step Back Project

Blog post showing completion of public art project in Downtown Long Beach. I included interactive sliders showing the images of current day juxtaposed with those of the past within the blog post.

Galore Blog: Give Experiences, Not Things

Part of a campaign marketing Galore kids' activity giftcards to parents, we spent the holiday season promoting experiences over toys as gifts.

DLBA Blog: Downtown Long Beach Unveils Creative Crosswalks

A news-piece style announcement of the completion of a major project the organization was working on: creative crosswalks.

Galore Blog: Date Nights

Educational marketing post to inform parents about our Date Night product offerings and the benefits therein.

Organizational Copywriting/White Papers

Downtown Long Beach Economic Profile:

A reader-friendly, in-depth look at the economy of Downtown Long Beach. I wrote all copy within and worked with the data team on developing easy to read charts and graphics.

Downtown Long Beach Office Market Whitepaper

Worked with the team to develop quarterly economic updates focused on one pillar at a time.

DLBA Annual Report

Annual report for the non-profit organization, Downtown Long Beach Alliance. Outline and flow of document and all copy written by me.

Social Media Posts

Creative Crosswalks Video

Created a video showcasing the process and completion of Downtown Long Beach’s creative crosswalks that garnered over 100k views.

Newspaper Op-Ed

Op-Ed: How to make the Metro Blue Line safer in Long Beach

Written on behalf of the president of the DLBA to persuade the Metro rail to fund local police aboard the rail lines.



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